Trusts & Foundations

Charitable Trusts and Foundations have loyally supported our work for many years. Their help has been essential in enabling us to develop new approaches and pilot pioneering projects.

At St Giles, we enable people to overcome adversity through peer-based social action through a variety of projects such as:


  • Running our award-winning peer training qualification in prisons (we currently work in 35 prisons across England and Wales)
  • Providing hospital-based support helping young people safely exit gang activity who are admitted to Major Trauma Centres as victims of serious youth violence, 
  • Delivering specialist services for vulnerable women prison leavers
  • Helping adults who are experiencing multiple complex needs move towards independence and ultimately employment


We simply would not be able to provide these vital services for 25,000 people each year across England and Wales without the support of Trusts & Foundations. 

Funding enables us to continue to innovate, build on what we know works best and trial new ways of working to support the most disadvantaged communities.

Key Themes

Our support broadly encompasses three key themes: 

Building a sense of safety and stability

We ensure that people have the essentials they need before they can focus on longer term goals. This includes a safe place to live, a sufficient and regular form of income and help to access other services addressing issues such as poor health, debts, or violence.

Building aspirations, skills and positive futures

We help people develop their skills, confidence and experience to move towards employment. It also reflects our work with a growing group of people who are in paid employment but still experiencing serious poverty and hardship and therefore need support to improve their employment circumstances

Building connections to move forwards

We support clients to have the confidence and tools to become positively integrated with their families and local communities, helping play a positive role within their family and become a role model in their community.

Did you know?

Independent evaluations into our work consistently demonstrate social value per £ invested. A PwC analysis showed a £8.54 saving is made to the taxpayer for every £1 invested in our peer-led services.

Do you prefer to fund projects in your local community?

We provide frontline services across England and Wales operating from our regional offices in:


  • London (Southwark, Islington and Kensington & Chelsea)
  • Coventry
  • Norwich
  • Leeds
  • Cardiff
  • Wrexham


If you are a Trust & Foundation and interested in hearing more about our work in any specific region or area of work, please email


We're so grateful to everyone who donates money to support us. Every donation that we receive has a positive impact on the lives of those we support and it is thanks to your generosity that we are able to achieve our aim: turning pasts into positive futures.

92p from every £1 donated to St Giles goes towards our frontline service delivery in:

  • Schools: We reached 55,000 children and young people through our serious youth violence prevention programme offering whole school assemblies, mentoring and professional training sessions.  
  • Hospitals: our caseworkers are based in A&E and Major Trauma Units to help young people admitted as a case of serious youth violence build a more positive future. Readmission rates have been cut from 45% to 1% since we started working with patients at Royal London Hospital. 
  • Community: Community-based support to help young people, adults with complex needs, vulnerable women and their families build a more positive future. Last year we helped 1050 people into employment – our highest number for the past five years. 
  • Prisons: We currently work in 35 prisons across England and Wales providing resettlement services and access to our Peer Advisor Programme