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St Giles Edinburgh

Peer Hubs - Edinburgh

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The London Peer Hubs help people who have experienced many different forms of disadvantage to gain the skills and qualifications they need to help others make positive progress. They offer people training to Level 3 in Information, Advice and Guidance whilst they undertake supported work placements with other teams within St Giles Trust and with partner organisations in the sector. The hubs are located in both our north and south London offices.

The aims of the Peer Hubs are:

  • To help people who have overcome adversity in their lives to improve their skills and access employment opportunities
  • To add value to the work of other local partners through enabling them to benefit from the Peer Advisors we train
  • To reach some of the most vulnerable people in local communities, especially those who do not usually respond to offers of help, through credible services from someone to whom they can relate

More information on the Peer Hubs is available here.